Dr. Peter Naydenov
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1958 - I was born on 2 September in Kiustendil, Bulgaria.
My mother is Nelly, and my father - Georgi.

1968 - We moved to live in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria

1976 - I obtained a certificate for tourist guide with Youth travel agency "Orbita".
Became a vegetarian. Started with yoga. First interest in spirituality and esotericism.

1977 - I graduated the German Language School in Sofia. Went to the army for 2 years (obligatory service)

1978 - Svetla Gergova introduced me to astrology and thus helped me transform my entire life.
Since 1979 I have been studying, teaching and working with astrology.
I have taught more then 200 students the basics of this science and art.

1979 - 85 - I studied medicine at the Medical Academy of Sofia

1980 - First interest in nutrition.

1985 - Started to work as a pediatrician. Introduced to the White Brotherhood Teaching and the lectures of Master Peter Dunov. His teaching is my source of love, wisdom and truth. I respect him as my spiritual teacher.

1989 - I published the first holistic medical newsletter in Bulgaria

1990 - I met Ms. Meg Goodare from London, who contributed a lot to my holistic medical education. Meg will always be a friend of mine; she is one of the most intelligent people I know.

1991-93 - I coordinated the East-meets-West Network. Introduced to the teaching of The Tibetan and the books of Alice Bailey, Edgar Chayce, St. Arroyo, A. Oken, R. Hand, Bruno Huber and other important teachers.

1992 - Traveled to UK and USA for conferences in holistic medicine.
Met Mr. Charles Tomas Chayce first in Sofia and then in ARE - Virginia Beech.
Met Ms. Anne Larkin - Dean of London's College of Classical Homeopathy (LCCH)
and discussed starting homeopathy education In Bulgaria.
Established Holistic center "Anhira" (Anhira is a sacred name of our planet Earth according to Master Peter Dunov).

1993-95 - organized together with Dr. Patchova and Dr. Gulubov the first course in classical homeopathy in Bulgaria. The course was a charity project, together with LCCH, with Peter Chappell as a leading teacher and supervisor.

1995 - graduated LCCH. Started a private holistic medical practice in Sofia.
Started working as a representative of AquaSource - UK Company for distributing Klamath Lake Algae.
Anhira Networking (our network) is now one of the biggest networks of AquaSource products customers -
including some 10 000 people from many European countries.

1996 - 2000 studied with Prof. George Vithoulkas at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, and graduated with a diploma. Started a video course of Prof. Vithoulkas in Bulgaria with some 50 students. This course raised the level of Bulgarian homeopathy further. Continued to be involved in bringing other Bulgarian doctors to IACH, courses in classical homeopathy in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, and publishing books about homeopathy and other holistic subjects.

1997 - Reached the top position of Double Diamond Executive in AquaSource.

1998 - Published my first book about algae - "Green Rays of Light" - translated later into Greek, Croatian, Russian, English and Macedonian (more then 30 000 copies sold). This book contributed to the health of many people.

2001 - traveled to India to attend The Millennium World Congress of Homeopathy. Met Dr. R. Sankaran. First interest in tissue salts. Introducing tissue salts to Bulgaria. Traveled to Klamath lake, Oregon, USA, to see the place where the algae grow. Was honored as "The MLM King - best distributor of the year" by AquaSource.

2002 - created an on-line system for training & ordering of AquaSource products so that every distributor can work easily with this system from home.

1997 - 2007 - My company "Anhira Publishing" published more then 60 000 copies of books (50+ titles) written by authors from many countries - authors such as George Vithoulkas, Robert Kiyosaki, Rajan Sankaran, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Gabriel Cousens, Paul Herscu, Zor Alef, Alice Bailey, etc.

Member of The Scientific and Medical Network
Languages: English, German, Russian, Bulgarian, some Croatian
Driving license: since 1980
Computer skills: advanced user (Windows, MS Office, Radar, Internet, web design, etc.)

Author of following books:
"Homeopathy for everyone"
"Lectures on contemporary homeopathy" - in two volumes.
"Easy Guide to the Repertory Synthesis"
"Green Rays of Light: algae - the greatest living wealth on our planet"
and numerous articles and leaflets about holistic medicine.