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Astrology is my favorite subject.

I study, practice and teach astrology all my life. Most probably I was the first person to start astrology courses in Bulgaria as early as in 1989.

Well, even nowadays I don't mind to talk with people about their charts. Not that I need to do astrology for a living, but I could, if I should. I remember earning my living with astrology back in 1992 in Switzerland - it was a great fun! I even bought a watch for my father with the money, plus some books, of course.

Anyway, if you need some information about yourself and/or people in your life, and you want me to do a chart for you, it will be my pleasure. My fee for the first consultation is 50 Euro for one hour.

I can tell you about health, money, marriage, children, work, love, friends and enemies, travel, real estate, business, etc. I especially like to discuss relationships, and can tell you a lot about important relationships in your life.

To book me, please call +359 888 540442. I speak English well enough, so that we can understand each other. You are welcome to ask any question and discuss with me any area of your interrest. But you should give me some feedback and explain your situation so that I could 'take it from there'... Of course, we can record the conversation (mp3) if you wish so, and then you can get the recording for further refference.

If you would like a written horoscope, you better go for the computer generated charts - you can even have a free one from www.astro.com - and there you could learn some astrology, too. As a rule, I don't write my interpretations, I think to discuss your problems 'live' and with a feedback from you is a much better idea.