Anhira Networking
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In December 1995 I started working as a representative of AquaSource - then a small UK based Company for distributing Klamath Lake Algae. Nowadays, AquaSource has grown to an international holding - AquaSource Algae Group Plc.

Actually, this step proved to be the turning point of my whole life, as it gave me the opportunity to achieve financial independence, to meet many new friends and to apply all the knowledge I have gathered throughout the years.

Anhira Networking (our network) is now one of the biggest networks of AquaSource customers including some 10 000 people from many European countries. You can learn more about Anhira Networking here.

If you live in Europe, Russian Federation or Australia, I invite you to join our network. The benefits are many, and the opportunity for better health and financial independence is excellent. I like to help people, and I am looking for new partners who speak English, German or Russian.

A network of 3 000 people (with 90% just regular customers and 10% distributors) could bring about 3 000 - 5 000 Euro income every month. With this much money every person can have a nice life, and what is more, this income in 'residual', meaning that it comes regardless of your efforts.

The best part is that you don't build your network alone. First, I help you, and second, every person who joins nd starts build his or her network, adds people to it. This means, that if you sign up your friend and he happens to sign up 10 people who sign up 10 people each, you network grows with 100 people without your work. So the more people you sign up, the more other people will come. Usually within 1-2 years there will be thousands of members in your network, provided that you sign up a couple of people a month.

Of course, in order to create such a network, you will need a lot of persistence, hard work, vision and desire to learn and evolve. The good news is that you can start with nothing and build up with my help. I am famous in AquaSource for building the best leaders and helping them achieve the highest results. I could help you, too, if you are ready to work.